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Note: If you are an individual applying as a contracted stylist, beautician or make-up artist with us: you must be qualified to provide your selected services. We will need evidence of this, so in addition to your CV please upload any qualification documents you have. If not available, you must provide business names and contact numbers of former employers as references (can be outside the UK).

For Salons or Spas: It is your staff member’s information you must provide on this page: Their Full Name, Qualifications, Photo etc. You compete a separate Apply Now page for each staff member you wish to register. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’ll be in touch to complete their Profile soon after you submit

(Please upload your full CV and all documents as evidence of your qualifications. Scanned copies will be fine.)

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Your prices are the total charged that INCLUDES travel to and from each location and Tap n Style’s 25% commission. (Also it is up to you to submit your own taxes as an Independent Contractor).
TIP: Don’t be unrealistic. We recommend your charge the same as what your salon customers would pay or slightly cheaper. Remember we only take 25% and the more competitive your prices the more customers you'll attract! If we feel your prices are over the top, we reserve the right to temporarily de-activate your profile.