Salon/Spa Owners

Fill those empty columns and add a whole new revenue stream with call-out appointments!

You’re In Control

You choose which staff, which services they provide & your prices. We take a small percentage. Simple


You decide which days & times they are available, plus the distance limit from the salon they can travel to

Team Profiles

Create awesome profiles for your staff & track their bookings and revenue made each month

Apply & Create Staff Profiles

  • In order to work with Tap n’ Style your staff member must be a fully qualified to provide the services you select. They must also have a minimum 6 months work experience providing those services.
  • When completing the Apply Now page it is the staff member’s information you provide: Their Full Name, DOB, Qualifications, Photo etc.
  • You complete a separate Apply Now page for each staff member you wish to register, as you are creating their Tap n’ Style Profiles.
  • After their application is successful, we will contact you to help complete their Profile and schedule their availability. It then goes live on our app.
  • When they receive a booking you will receive an automatic text and email with full details.
  • Tap n’ Style transfers your earnings to your account at the beginning of each month for the month previous.
  • You can upload photos of your staff's work to their Profile, and even send to us to be displayed on our social media pages!
  • Got a question? Give us a call on 0208 914 8250

Full Contractor Terms & Conditions