Customer Terms & Conditions

Covid 19 Safety:
All Tap n’ Style Hairdressers, Makeup Artists, Beauty Therapist will deliver services wearing a face mask, apron and gloves, for the safety of both you (the client) and the professional. You have the right to cancel the service if your stylist/therapist does arrive with the correct PPE.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are unhappy with the service provided, please contact us immediately at and let us know why. We are absolutely committed to our customers satisfaction and want to ensure all of our professionals are providing an excellent customer experience! We will investigate your complaint and if it is deemed to be honest and with merit: we will try to fix the problem, offer compensation in the form of a discount or a refund will apply.

Extra Surcharges for Long or Very Thick Hair:
Our Cut & Blow Dry and Colour menu prices are all one fixed rate. However, like salon pricing if you have hair that reaches halfway down your back when combed out, or you have extra thick or curly hair, there will be additional cost due to the extra time needed. It is best to check what the extra cost will be with us first if you have extra long/thick hair, or consult with us if you are unsure. Alternatively, your booked professional stylist will call and confirm the extra price after you’ve booked, which can be paid cash to them.

If you are not at your chosen location at your appointment time:
If after 20 mins you are still not at your booked location your stylist or therapist may leave and you will not be refunded the 30% deposit, or 30% of the cost if paid in full. This is stated on the Confirm Booking page when you book an appointment.

If the stylist/therapist is late for your appointment:
As they are coming to you; we all know travelling in a busy city there are sometimes delays. But if your stylist or therapist is more than 20 mins late you may either re-schedule or cancel your appointment for free OR receive the service and we will refund you 10% of the cost. However, if the stylist/therapist feels unsafe in attending the appointment, they reserve the right to cancel it. In event of such a cancellation we will issue a full refund.

What if I pay for a service but then during the appointment we find it is actually another service I require:
If you book a service, but in fact what you require is another more expensive service, you must pay the difference in price to your Stylist, Therapist or Makeup Artist in cash during your appointment. You will also be expected to pay a cash fee if your service takes considerably longer than expect, for any reason.

When booking the following services you must provide:
*All Hair, Make-Up and most Beauty services: A good sized room with plenty of space, ventilation and a power socket that can accommodate you and the stylist/therapist comfortably. Plus 2 chairs; one for the stylist/therapist and one for yourself.
*Massage and most Beauty services: A good size well ventilated room that can comfortably fit a massage table.
*Cut & Blow Dry’s: It is your responsibility to wash/shampoo your hair that day before the stylist arrives. Ideally the cut is provided in a ventilated room with a wooden or tile floor, so usually a kitchen or bathroom. If the only room to provide the service is carpeted YOU MUST provide a mat, sheet or canvas yourself to be laid on the carpet to collect hair.

Is a Blow Dry finish included with Colour-only services (without a Cut)?
No, it’s a natural dry, pat down and comb finish only UNLESS it states in the Stylist’s “About Me” section that they include a Blow Dry.

Colour Service Requirements:
When you book any Colour service with a Tap n’ Style hairdresser for the first time: You will be asked to send us photos of your hair in its current state. Your chosen professional will contact to forward some photos to your hairdresser, they will then call you for a full consultation. Please book all new colour / tinting services at least 4 days in advance of the treatment date where possible to allow for the 48 hour allergy patch test.  Then at the time of service the stylist/therapist will provide a waiver which you are required to sign, stating that you agree that should you react in any way to the Colour application, neither the hairdresser or, Tap n’ Style, are in any way responsible. This is procedure each time you book a new hairdresser or new colour / tinting service on Tap n’ Style booking system.

What is received with a Make Up “Basic Application”?
We class the Basic Application service as foundation with lips and cheeks OR foundation with lips and a single eye-liner only. Perfect with a Blow Dry for a night out or special occasion. For a more complete service please book the Full Face Application.

Payment for Services:
All Tap n Style clients have the choice to either 1) pay in the full amount in advance via our Secure Payment System, or 2) pay a 30% deposit that confirms the booking, followed by the remaining 70% cash to the stylist/therapist.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel your appointment: provided it’s more than 24 hours before your appointment time we will refund you in full, minus £3 to cover the card fees we are charged, within 2 – 3 working days. BUT if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment there will be a 30% cancellation fee. Hence, if you paid the 30% deposit only; this is non-refundable. If you paid the full amount in advance; 70% will be refunded to you, less £6 to cover our card fees. This is also stated clearly on the Confirm Booking page when you book an appointment.

How are stylists and therapists on the app selected?
All stylists and therapists firstly complete an application form and submit their qualifications and work experience. They must be fully qualified AND must have minimum 6 months work experience in providing the services they register for. We then interview screen each applicant and test them on Tap n’ Style regulations, policies and what is expected of them. When approved they must then show us their Public Liability Insurance document.
Each stylist or therapist’s full qualifications, experience and even photos of their own work is on their profile for you to view. You may call them to enquire before booking.  We encourage clients to rate and review their stylist/therapist after their service.

Free Blow Dry Loyalty Reward Card T & C’s:
*Complimentary service is a standard Blow Dry and is a special offer on the 9th booking with the same stylist/therapist. Extra long/thick hair or bespoke services (pinned, up-do’s) will be subject to an extra charge
*All 9 bookings must be done by 1 person (can be for kids, family or group booking that inc them)
*Multiple services during one appointment count as one booking only.
*Complimentary Blow Dry can only be booked and arranged over the phone or by text message to 07878 193 644 and will be provided in addition to a service/treatment booked on the 9th visit.
*Complimentary Blow Dry cannot be booked online or on app.
*Offer currently valid in London only


Privacy Notice

Tap n’ Style is owned and operated by Clouds (Midlands) Ltd and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, in full compliance with new GDPR regulations

Tap n’ Style is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, in full compliance with new GDPR regulations.

When you register an account your name, phone number and email address is stored as an account holder. None of your details or information will be passed on to any third parties. This is information that is private and for Tap n’ Style use only.

This information is automatically erased from our system should you delete your user account.

Tap n’ Style will send you marketing emails only if you tick the box on the registration page to opt in to subscribing to our Email List.

No payment or card details can be viewed by our professionals.

By creating an account you are giving Tap n’ Style staff, plus the contractors whom you book a service with, consent to:

  • View your name, address and contact details you supplied in the booking information.
  • Send you a Booking text message and email confirmation confirming your appointment.
  • Contact you by text or phone call before your appointment to get more details of the service you require and for consultation purposes.

Provided you opted in to our Email list by ticking the box when you creating your account: Tap n’ Style will send you Marketing Emails. You may opt out of receiving these at any point and unsubscribe by simply replying STOP to an email or text.