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Perhaps you are a connesseur of mobile booking platforms. Or maybe you are a “we come to you” virgin. Either way please do read our FAQs below to see if we can help or watch our video. Remember, just Tap’n Style!

What are our Covid 19 safety measures?

All mobile service professionals will perform the best services wearing the appropriate PPE, a face mask, gloves and an apron, for the safety of both you (the client) and themselves. You have the right to cancel the service if your stylist does not arrive wearing this safety equipment. We also advise all clients to ensure the room in which you are having your treatment in is well ventilated.

What is Tap n Style?

Tap n’ Style’s role is operator of an online mobile booking platform which enables clients to book At Home services and service professionals who are registered on the platform to be chosen to provide mobile client services and to enable connection between the two parties in order to fulfil bookings.  This allows clients to book and receive mobile personal care treatment/services by a mobile hairdresser, makeup artist, beauty therapist or massage therapist to visit you at your home, hotel or office. We offer the full hairdressing menu: Cuts, Colours, Men’s Cuts, Keratin Treatments, Blow Dries & Styling, Make Up applications, Hair ups, beauty, massage and male grooming treatments and more! No need to rush to the salon or take the obvious health risks that that entails anymore. You can have your hair done in the comfort of your own home. Tap n’ Style is owned and operated by Clouds (Midlands) Ltd.

How do you select the stylists and artists on the app?

All stylists and artists firstly complete an application form and submit their qualifications and work experience. They must be fully qualified AND must have minimum 1 year work experience in the treatments/services the service provider want to offer to clients. We then screen each applicant and test them on Tap N’ Style regulations, policies and what is expected of them. Each stylist or artist’s full qualifications, experience and even photos of their own work is on their profile for you to view. After confirmation of a booking, the client may call the service provider to enquire before treatment, then each client can rate and review the professional after completion of their service.

Can I book a particular stylist or artist every time?

Yes! Provided you remain in the area that they service. When booking simply choose the “Book Previous Stylist” option and all the stylists/artists you’ve booked previously are displayed.

Why do some of the prices vary per stylist/artist?

We base the service professionals pricing on their experience and their current freelance rates.

Can my friends and I book together?

Absolutely! You are given the option with several of our services to book as a pair. If there are more than 2 of you; you just need to book another stylist/artist for the same time. If you have a group, wedding etc: call us on 0208 914 8250 and we’ll quote and organise something for you!

Do I have to pay in advance or can I pay after the service?

All Tap n’ Style clients pay in advance, in order to confirm the booking. You may cancel your appointment outside the 24 hour notice period and we will refund you in full, minus £3 to cover the card fee we are charged. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be refunded exactly half of what you paid, as per our 24 hour cancellation policy which is clearly stated in both the Terms & Conditions and on the Confirm Booking page when you book an appointment.

What happens if I'm not at my chosen location at my appointment time?

If after 20 mins you are still not at your booked location your stylist or artist will leave and you will be charged 30% of the cost,. Hence the 30% deposit is non-refundable, or if you paid in full you will be refunded 70% only. This is stated in our Terms & Conditions and on the Confirm Booking page when you book an appointment.

What if the stylist is late for my appointment?

As the mobile service professional is coming to you; we all know travelling in a busy city there are sometimes delays. The mobile service provider will contact you to explain that they are running late and we hope this is acceptable. However, if your stylist, therapist or artist is more than 20 mins late you may either cancel your appointment for free, reschedule your appointment with the mobile professional OR receive the service and we will refund you 10% of the cost.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your appointment: provided it’s more than 24 hours before your appointment time we will refund you in full, minus £3 to cover the card fee we are charged, within 2 to 3 working days. BUT if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment there will be a 30% cancellation fee. Hence if you paid the 30% deposit only; this is non-refundable. If you paid the full amount in advance; 70% will be refunded to you, less £3 to cover our card payment fee. This is also stated clearly on the Confirm Booking page when you book an appointment.

What if I have a complaint about the service I receive?

If you’re not happy with your service we want to hear from you NOW. Email us at with details of what went wrong. We take customer service very seriously and want to ensure all of the professionals are providing an excellent customer experience. We will investigate your complaint and will try to fix the problem if possible in the first instance. If we are not able to fix the problem and the complaint is deemed honest and with merit: compensation ie; another discounted treatment or a refund will apply.

What do you require from me for Blow Dry, Make Up application or Hair Up?

A chair for you to sit on, a well ventilated room, a shelf or table for your stylist/artist to put their products and equipment on, and a power socket for the blow dryer, a sheet for the floor to collect hair and a face mask for you to wear during the service. Then we’re good to go, let’s get you looking fabulous!

What if I'm getting a Colour/Tint done for the first time?

When you book any Colour service with a Tap n’ Style hairdresser for the first time: You will be asked to send us photos of your hair in its current state. Your preferred hairdresser will then call you and organise for a full consultation. Please try to book first time hair colouring with a new hairdresser at least 4 days in advance to allow for the 48 hour allergy patch test if necessary. At the time of service, your hairdresser or beauty therapist may provide a waiver which you are required to sign, stating that you agree that should you react in any way to the Colour application, neither the hairdresser or Tap n’ Style are in any way responsible. This is the procedure each time you book a new hairdresser on Tap n’ Style.

What if I pay for a service but then we discover during the appointment that I require something else, or the service will take longer than expected?

If you book a service, but in actual fact what you require from the Stylist or Beauty Therapist is a different service that costs more, you will be expected to pay the difference to them in cash during the appointment. You will also be expected to pay a cash surcharge as requested by the professional doing your treatment if the service you requested is going to take considerably longer than usual, for any reason.

For Cut or Colour services will there be an extra charge for extra long or thick hair?

Yes. Much like in a salon; if you have hair that goes more than halfway down your back, or have extra thick/curly hair, the Stylist may insist on an extra fee to be paid in cash once the service is completed.

Explain the process to Cut & Blow Dry my hair at home/office/hotel/care home?

Your stylist will provide a cape for you to wear during the service. YOU MUST wash & shampoo your hair yourself first, before they arrive. You need to be sat in a room with plenty of space, ventilation and a power socket. Ideally it will have a wooden or tile floor, so usually a kitchen or bathroom. Your stylist will then sweep up all hair at the end of the service. If the only room to provide the service is carpeted then YOU MUST provide a mat, sheet or canvas yourself to be laid on the carpet to collect hair. Your hair is cut, blow dried and styled with the stylist cleaning up, leaving minimal mess!

Are the times of each service listed exact?

No, they are the approximate times. Times for almost every hair service on our menu can vary, for various reasons. Thickness and length of hair, the particular look you are after etc.

I am a qualified / experienced Hair Stylist or Make-Up Artist or Beauty Therapist, how do I register to work with Tap n Style ?

The fastest way to apply is to simply email us your CV at: Alternatively visit, click on Apply Now. Complete your profile and Submit the form to begin the application process.  We will be in touch with you soon after to get you

What are the terms of your Free Blow Dry Loyalty Rewards Card?

Free Blow Dry Reward Card T & C’s: *Complimentary service is a standard Blow Dry. Extra long/thick hair or bespoke services (pinned, up-do’s) will be subject to an extra charge *All 6 bookings must be done by 1 service provider (can be for kids, family or group booking that inc them) *Online or app bookings for the free rewards are NOT accepted, as the stylists are selected by Tap n’ Style when contacted *Offer valid in London and certain Surrey or Kent areas only

In the Family & Kids Cuts section what's the oldest we class as a child?

14 years old. So teenagers 15 years or older pay regular services. There are adult and child and group prices, please see our price lists online. Also if it’s a family or kids group bigger than the 3-kids option, please call or text us.